Making the Case for Open Leadership

By Steve Kayser, Expert Access

A New Sheriff is in Town

The Altimeter Group is a fairly new strategy consulting firm making disruptive waves. By that I mean providing a lot of great information, ideas and insights for the turbulent economic times we’re in.  Jeremiah Owyang formerly of Forrester Research, is Partner of Customer Strategy at The Altimeter Group.  He’s the epitome of a professional social media strategist, freely offering unique information and ideas to help others. If you want to stay ahead of real-time … check Jeremiah out on his blog or on Twitter

Charlene Li, co-author of the book “Groundswell,” is also a partner. She provided her  “Case for Open Leadership” webinar slides and audio (below). The presentation lays out reasons why open leadership is inevitable and required because of the adoption of social technologies. She also defines 10 elements of openness and provides some information on how you can conduct an “openness audit.”

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