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Content: The New Marketing Equation

By Steve Kayser, Expert Access

Altimeter is a research advisory firm focused on disruptive technologies. They produce some excellent educational reports on social media and social media analytics. I regularly follow several of their analysts, Jeremiah Owyang and Brian Solis.

Their latest report titled, “Content: The New Marketing Equation,” nails a fundamental issue  a lot of businesses are struggling with right now. The demand for consistent creation of high quality content. Content that engages, educates, informs and maybe even entertains.

Why the struggle? Simple. Writing is hard work.

Especially if you think before you write.

Altimeter analyst Rebecca Lieb (@lieblink) posits a fundamental rethinking, restructuring, and rebalancing of company culture, resources, budgets and strategy to address this critical issue.  Rebalancing is critical to achieve these goals. The choice is whether to rebalance now, or later when the battle for attention may become even more difficult than it currently is. This report from Altimeter Group introduces a five-step content maturity model, complete with real-world case examples, to guide organizations from “standing” to “running” with their content strategy.


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